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Our large variety of uniquely flavors, freshly roasted coffees will have you coming back for more! We have everything from the traditional classics to fantastically fun flavors!
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Great Outdoors coffee

Does a coffee need to have proven craftsmanship at all levels to be labeled “craft?” 

If nowhere else, the term certainly can apply to the brewing stage, where opportunities range from inserting a pod and pressing a single button, to manual control over every variable and function.

Our coffee design team focused their efforts and multiple innovations around one simple mission: to make it easy to enjoy a better coffee anywhere you are.

We’re taking the manual aspects out of craft coffee, which just makes it easier and more accessible for everybody.

Great Outdoors Coffee is the Ultimate Craft Coffee

Campfire craft coffee

In coffee, opportunities for craftsmanship — the application of professional skills and manual precision — are apparent at almost all stages of production from farm to cup.

brewed for Outdoor enthusiasts

Our craft coffee is made by outdoor enthusiasts, for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Whether you need a morning kick for the sunrise hike, a jolt while you’re out on the lake, or a nice warm cup by the fireplace, the Great Outdoors Team as you covered. 

Take Cole Floyd and Kristine Fischer for example. Both of our pros start their day with our premium craft coffee. Be sure to try Kristine’s signature blend!

Cole Floyd is part of the Bass Pro Tour and MLF Pro Circuit. He was a 3x College Fishing National Champ, as well as a 3x LBL Division Angler of the year. 

Kristine Fischer, (AKA @midwestfishergal) is a passionate musky angler who’s cashing checks bass fishing! In her free time she enjoys breaking down new bodies of water and sharing her knowledge and experiences with others. Be sure to check her out on social media!

A portion of the sales are donated to the Women’s Fishing Federation co-founded by Kristine Fischer, Amanda Brannon and Mel Issacs.

Our team is growing and we’re always looking for ways to partner with those who love the outdoors and coffee as much as we do. 

Campfire craft coffee

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To make it easy to enjoy a better coffee anywhere you are.

That’s why we make it effortless for you to join our club! When you join you’ll have 10% discounts on coffee subscriptions, Free shipping on all subscriptions, and 10% off apparel (with code). All we need is your email address so we can add you to our monthly newsletter with info and updates about everything going on at GOC. 

Here at GOC we take the guesswork out of enjoying a true craft brew every time. That way you can focus on the adventure that awaits you. 

Great Outdoors Coffee, Taste the Adventure.

Great Outdoors Coffee supports Catch a Dream foundation


Did you know that Great Outdoors Coffee supports Catch a Dream foundation by donating a percentage of profits on every purchase of our coffee? 

We’re always on the lookout for companies who are truly going above and beyond to partner with. The Catch-A-Dream Foundation has completed over 750 trips for children from 47 states and 2 Canadian provinces, and we’re proud to be able to help them with many more.

Making dreams come true requires many partners. Partners can support Catch-A-Dream in many ways, through monetary contributions,in-kind contributions (services or goods), or by purchasing products from companies that donate a portion of their sales to us. 

Catch-A-Dream is a national, charitable, non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation, that provides once-in-a-lifetime dream hunting and fishing trips to children across the United States and Canada, age 18 and younger, who suffer from life-threatening illnesses. In addition to the charitable donations, each year GOC collaborates trips with our Professional Outfitters. Follow our social media pages for updates and trip information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hazelnut coffee brand is best?

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With so many Hazelnut coffee brands out there, it’s hard to say. What we can tell you is that our Campfire Hazelnut blend has an aroma as succulent as honeysuckle and a silky smooth finish that will remind you of time spent well with friends and family in the great outdoors, our Campfire hazelnut flavored craft coffee will let you sip away the cares of the day.

What is hazelnut coffee good For?

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Believe it or not, hazelnut coffee is actually great for your health. According to experts, a single ounce of the nuts contains up to 87 percent of manganese, which helps strengthen our bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and joint pain. Try our silky smooth Campfire Hazelnut blend today!

Is hazelnut coffee good in taste?

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Great question! The creamy hazelnut flavor is one of the best ones to combine with coffee. Let your senses be mesmerized by the flickering flavor of our Campfire Craft Coffee suffused with the sweet, smokey undertones of hazelnuts beautifully blended with perfectly roasted Arabica beans.

Is hazelnut coffee made with real hazelnuts?

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Typically in the brewing stage, the flavor of hazelnut in the coffee is not extracted from the hazelnuts. However, natural and synthetic flavor chemicals are combined to give off hazelnut aroma and taste in the coffee. The Great Outdoors Craft Coffee design team focuses their efforts and multiple innovations around one simple mission: to make it easy for people to drink a better cup of coffee in the comfort of their homes.

How do you get hazelnut taste in coffee?

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During the brewing stage is when design teams experiment with natural and synthetic flavors. It’s the combination of flavors that give off the hazelnut aroma and taste that you know and love. Try our campfire hazelnut blend today!

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What is the healthiest ground coffee?

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Depending on how you take your ground coffee, the amount of calories per cup varies. That being said, a cup of black coffee in any of our blends has on average, 1-2 calories per cup. All of our premium craft blends are brewed with absolute care and precision. 

Our healthiest coffee flavors

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Be sure to try all of our healthiest flavors. Remember, each cup of black coffee has on average, only 1-2 calories. 


Morning Bite



Double Barrel

How do I choose a good ground coffee?

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When choosing a good ground coffee, it all comes down to how the coffee is brewed, and the tastes or blends that you like the best. At Great Outdoors Coffee we look at our brewing stage as an opportunity for precision, craftsmanship, and care. Try our ground coffee today!

Is it cheaper to buy ground or whole bean coffee?

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Whole bean coffee typically costs more than ground coffee because it's just a better coffee. Whole bean coffees tend to come from better crops and be more recently roasted than pre-ground selections. In short, whole bean coffee makes a better cup of coffee — and the difference is worth paying for.

Which is the best single serve coffee brand?

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With so many single serve coffee brands out there it’s hard to say. Great Outdoors single serve coffee is made with some of the most caffeinated beans on the planet, our craft roasting process doesn’t sacrifice flavor just for an extra kick. So set the hook on a single serving of our craft coffee because there’s nothing like the smell of adventure in the morning.

Is single batch coffee better?

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Better quality of the roast.

Small or single batch coffee typically has a better quality of the roast. This happens because smaller capacities allow for a level of control unattainable with larger roasters. Creating smaller batches of craft coffee allows the roaster to use their expert eye to make sure the right bean is chosen for each particular roast. They can also keep a closer eye on the roasting process itself to monitor consistency.

What is the best way to make campfire coffee?

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If you’re already drinking campfire coffee, you’re off to a great start! There’s many different ways to make a great cup of campfire company  including auto-drip machines, aeropress machines, the chemex, and the pour over. Our personal favorite is the french press, but try them all to see which method you like best!

How much caffeine is there in double barrel coffee?

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On average, there’s about 95 mg of caffeine in a cup of double barrel coffee. Keep in mind that the size of the cup you’re using matters! We’re talking 95 mg of coffee in a one 8 fl oz cup, the bigger the cup the more the caffeine.

How do you make good sunrise coffee?

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Luckily, there’s many different ways to make good sunrise coffee! That being said, most of it comes down to how you typically like brewing your coffee in the first place. Try using a french press, auto-drip machine, or a pour over machine!

How do I choose a good morning bite coffee?

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Choosing your coffee can be an overwhelming task. When you’re choosing a good brand it’s important to look for roast, origin, altitude, and flavor notes. A great place to start is with our morning bite. The Great Outdoors craft coffee design team focuses their efforts and multiple innovations around one simple mission: to make it easy for people to drink a better cup of coffee in the comfort of their homes. Try it today!

How can  I make my morning coffee special?

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There’s nothing like a cup of coffee in the morning, but after a while it can get mundane. The good news is that there’s many different ways to make your morning coffee special. You can choose a higher quality coffee, store your beans in a sealed container, and spend some time finding a better grind. Experimenting with different brewing techniques and enjoying a nice fresh cup on the porch, lake, or walk is a great place to start.

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